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Tamagusuku-ryu Ryubu is a slow, stately performance that is part of Okinawan classical dance. Mineko Grunow teaches a group of Okinawan Americans how to perform the dance, and creates some of the elaborate costumes that dancers typically wear.

Mineko Grunow tells TAI fieldworker Kate Schramm about a traditional Okinawan dance, eisa. Eisa is done with taiko drums and chanting. Mineko not only teaches eisa, she also creates costumes for the dance.

TAI fieldworker Kate Schramm interviews the YuYuKai group about the food they have prepared for an Okinawan New Year's Celebration. A range of dishes, from traditional suimono (boiled foods) with konbu (seaweed) to Bloomington's square donuts, are…

Mineko demonstrates a dance with a fan while others watch.

Hiroko's feet practice steps.

Mineko gives instruction on posture while moving.

Ryubu practice in the mirror (Seiji runs in halfway through).

Mineko demonstrates dance steps.

Ryubu step practice.

Mineko gives instructions to group on the proper form of striking and posture, Seiji translates it for the non-Japanese speakers present.