Allen County Survey


Located in the northeastern corner of Indiana, Allen County is home to many traditional artists working in and around the Fort Wayne area. In this section, you can learn about the Miami Nation of Indiana, historical reenactment groups that use centuries-old artisanal techniques, local artists who work metal with their hands, and many other artists of diverse backgrounds. Find out how quilts can tell a story, why stained glass is a dangerous business, and the reason why Amish dolls have no faces.

The "Artists and Their Stories" section contains full-length interviews with all of the artists and time summaries to help readers follow along. Start here if you would like to get a brief glance at the artists of Allen County, or stay longer and listen to their life stories in depth.

Allen County was part of the I-69 Heritage Corridor project from 2005-2006. Portions of this material were also used in the website and to develop folklife programs for the region.


Fieldwork by James A. DeVinney. Exhibit by Kaitlin M. Justin


Artists and Their Stories

Listen to the original TAI interviews with traditional artists and craftspeople from Allen County, Indiana.

Reenacting the Pioneer Past

Historical reenactors keep traditional ways of meeting daily needs alive and well. Featuring Lori A. Fuelling and Joan Courtney.

The Miami Nation of Indiana

Beadwork, gourd craft, and costume meet artistic creativity and family history. Featuring Katrina Mitten, Patria Smith, Cathy Nagy Mowry, and Diana Evans.

Working in Metal and Glass

Flame, lead, and hammers give these materials dazzling form. Featuring John Motz, Jim Zehner, Ann Ziegler, and Michael Hollman.

Decorative Arts from Europe

Learn the history of popular American crafts such as Easter Eggs and paper snowflakes. Featuring Betty Saunders, Judy Bozarth, Kari Cynar, and Penny Myers.

Lives Writ in Cloth

Embedded in quilts and tapestries are memories, life histories, and complex emotions. Featuring Letha Anderson, Katrina Gorman, and Gen Dornbush.