Japanese Traditional Artist Survey


This collection documents several groups practicing the traditional arts and folkways of Japan within the context of the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne regions. The materials were collected as part of an ongoing project by Traditional Arts Indiana which aims to preserve and promote folklife in Indiana. In this project, special emphasis is placed on the traditions practiced in Indiana by minorities and immigrant groups. This particular collection shows the diversity of Japanese folk traditions practiced in metropolitan areas in the United States, and examines how these traditions have changed as they have been transmitted transnationally and passed generationally.


  • Kate Schramm

Items in the Japanese Traditional Artist Survey Collection

Staged combat with katana (Dean and Jay).

Staged combat with katana (Dean and Jay)

Portrait shot of Dean (left) and Jay (right)

Portrait of Dean Houser

Dean: “Don’t pour your life into budo, pour budo into your life.”

Portrait of Jay Zimmerman

The character 忍, the “nin” of ninja, consists of two parts. The top is the edge of a blade, set over the heart. It means to endure, or persevere, because of the pressure of the blade to the heart, the duality of…


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